The Buttons Cast

Little Coyote
(youngest pup)

Species: Coyote....DUH!
Likes: Chasing things that are already running, candy, eating stuff/trying to eat stuff and failing, digging, sometimes hunting, disappearing.
Dislikes: Being chased, idiots, not being paid attention to, and maybe the most scariest of all, "THEY"!!!
Charateristics: a little egotistic, obsessive, Don Quiyote-ish

Quote:"Pay attention to meeeeeeee!"

Species: Raven
Likes: SHINY! riding on horses, free rides, candy, flying, sunshine
Dislikes: liquid sunshine (It doesn't exist!!)
Charateristics: crazy/sane, attention span of a goldfish


Species: Horse -> Fox Trotter
Likes: grass, candy, cookies, being petted/groomed, sugar cubes, oats
Dislikes: anything riding her, enclosed spaces
Charateristics: "level-headed" (sorta...kinda...not!),stubburn

Quote:"No Rides!" or "Get off me!"